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Technical Translations

For technical translations we hire first, doctors for medical translations, lawyers for legal translations, engineers for all engineering projects, etc. If people in the field are not available then we look at certified translators with expertise in the given field. For interpreting we are guided by the same principles.


Foreign Language Desktop Publishing

We use all of the major desktop publishing programs and produce print ready art that we can send to you in InDesign or as PDFs. Otherwise, we can print your jobs internally using the latest digital presses and finishing equipment.


Commercial Printing

We can expertly provide all kinds of printing, offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, letterpress, foil stamping and embossing, thermograpy, etc. The greatest need right now is two-sided business cards with English on the front side and a foreign language on the back. In addition, we do product labels, marketing brochures, newsletters and product instruction manuals in other languages.


Commercial Printing

Email us your document and we can estimate the total price:


Foreign Language Desktop Publishing
Technical Translations
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